pliik gives product teams access to user feedback.

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How it works

Pliik collects conversations across 2000+ communication channels and apps. With fully automated labeling and clustering, pliik helps unearth hidden ✨insights that lead to creating meaningful products and services your customers love to love.


We integrate with the tools and channels you already use, tapping into a continuous source of inspiration and innovation.

AI Analytics

Learn what users love or hate and understand what they’re talking about. Our AI will do the heavy lifting to summarize it for you.


Empower your team and engage your stakeholders by making insights accessible and actionable and ship things that matter.

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Collect data from existing feedback channels

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"My favourite thing about pliik is that we always have the user insights we need at our finger tips."

- Nikos Kariotoglou Co-Founder & CEO of Seervision